• Training of new graduates 2019 is completed successfully

    At the beginning of August 2019, the headquarters of the company held the induction training for the graduates in 2019. The training lasted for 2.5 days. Internal lectures and videos were used to regulate the company's rules. Company system, corporate image, legal basis, financial knowledge, QC management, safety education,etc. Various professional courses and so on are systematically explained.

  • Hefei Corning project department gained the honor of "Excellent Contractor"

    In September 2019, Hefei Corning GPF phase II project department received the honor of "Excellent Contractor" issued by the GC. The excellent performance in safety management, technical management, project quality, construction progress, etc. has been recognized and highly praised by customers.

  • BOTH was rated as "Excellent Enterprise of going out for construction" in 2018.

    As a company whose main business covers the whole country, our company has always followed the principle of "standardized operation and stable operation", and our construction business has grown steadily and won the domestic market. The local installation Association affirmed and recognized our performance in the field of construction I, and issued 2018 to our company in April 2019.

  • 公司收到2018年无锡市安装行业“外出施工优秀企业”证书


  • 公司无锡辉瑞项目荣获“最佳安全表现奖”奖杯


  • 公司珠海狮门娱乐天地项目喜获“最佳安全管理单位”奖状


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