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    Project Performance

    BOTH provides a number of comprehensive engineering and technical services to customers at home and abroad


    Core Competence

    BOTH provides a number of comprehensive engineering and technical services to customers at home and abroad

  • Deepen Optimization Design

    BOTH's excellent team and advantageous resources can guarantee that extra values will be contributed to the owner with proposals, optimized designs, secondary designs or detailed designs and shop drawings.

  • Clean Room Design And Construction General Contracting

    . As a company providing professional service in industries like microelectronics, optoelectronics, medicals, food and medicine for 20 years, we can always provide complete solutions to our customers with confidence at comprehension for clean room

  • Efficient BIM Capability

    . BOTH has tried to apply BIM technology on space management, BIM visualization, BIM detailed drawing since 2009. It plays a big role to ensure the construction quality and progress. It has already been implemented in more than 60 projects.

  • Construction Management

    We have persistent pursuit of refinement. BOTH, as a detail addict, have fun in controlling details.

  • Commissioning & testing equipment operation, maintain

    We always dedicate service commitment to our buyer and our client, which is more likely value added kind. We possess professional service team and special service base to provide various engineering services to our clients within or without warranty period, which include equipment operation management, maintenance and modification.

  • Professional Service

    We are also committed to fine quality  and operational reliability in the fields of process piping, HOOK-UP, clean room decoration, electronic process equipment installation, bulk chemical supply system, industrial water/gas treatment, etc.So we focus on the craftsmen and craftsmen spirit, we will therefore continue to our engagement to ensure our quality advantage.